Finding inspiration is a funny thing, isn’t it?

Sometimes it’s there, sometimes you try really hard to find it, and sometimes you’re sure your inspiration has moved to Alaska with its lover. When I was studying, I usually found my inspiration very late at night, just hours before my take home exam was due. We are all different like that – some can start writing with once, and some can’t write until they have the pressure of last minute hitting them.

There is one thing, however, that never fails to inspire me: other inspired people, people who are engaged, who believe they can make a difference. This is why I love my job. I am surrounded by engaged people, every day – the students. You.

There are hundreds of students engaged in the Student Union associations. I started in one of our associations. My engagement just grew stronger and now I’m working my second year for the Student Union. Getting engaged also creates more engagement, it’s almost like an addiction. When you realise you can make a change, may it be for the surrounding society, for your studies or for your best friend, you get inspired to do just that.

We have students creating new associations every semester: students who feel that they are lacking something in their student life and decide to do something about it. Recently, we have had a group of students create a LBTQ+ association since they found that there was no safe forum for LBTQ+ students at the University. They host lectures, workshops and seminars for all students, as well as work long term with making the University a more inclusive environment.

There is also a group of students who study social work who felt that they needed a platform where they could develop their knowledge about their future profession through discussion, seminars and experience exchange – and they started an association too! Engagement is inspirational, and it fosters more engagement, no doubt.

We also have all of you who are engaged in the society around us in one way or another. All you students who stand up for an open and equal society; who spent days and nights at the central station this fall and; you who spend years of your life to study to get a degree. And not to mention our current and future students who left family and friends behind to start a new, safer life. It is all a form of engagement. It is all deeply inspirational.

If you feel like you need an inspirational bust you should join us in organising our festival Malmö for Diversity! A one day festival in Folkets Park May 28th were we celebrate the diversity of this beautiful city with bands, speakers, workshops, association fair and much much more.

Too busy trying to find inspiration to study? Just join us for the day! Take a break from you studies and come mingle with us in the spring sun. Need a change of environment? Looking for new perspectives to bring that inspiration back from Alaska? Join us for a week in the Dutch university city of Utrecht in the beginning of May. Are you sure that you’re inspiration has permanently moved away? Make the most of the summer, get a break from your studies, enjoy the sun and, most importantly: surround yourself with people who inspire you.

Good luck with your exams and thesis writing, and have a great summer!

Jenny Börjeson
President of the Student Union Malmö